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Motivating Employees: Lessons from History's Greatest Leaders

Posted by Ali Bechtel on Sep 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM

A great statesman, warrior, and our nation’s 26th president is quoted as saying, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Few would argue that Theodore Roosevelt was not a great leader, and nearly 108 years after his departure as President of the United States these words still provide a glimpse into his perspective on working with people.

What If People Had a Check Pressure Alert? - by Vicki Hess, RN, MS & CSP

Posted by Ali Bechtel on Jan 28, 2016 5:00:00 AM

In the locker room at the gym this morning I overheard two ladies saying that their check tire pressure alert had come come on in their cars today. It was about 17 degrees this morning and the ladies went on to complain about having to put air in the tires on such a cold morning. 

Lighten the Load - by Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional

Posted by admin on Sep 10, 2015 4:00:20 AM

I was at the airport recently and saw a couple whose luggage weighed too much. They were scrambling to lighten their load and reallocate items from one bag to another. I felt like I could read their minds..."we can't leave anything behind...this is our good stuff that we brought for the BIG trip.

What Inner-State Are You Traveling On? - By Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional

Posted by admin on Jun 25, 2015 4:00:54 AM

Summer Vacation! Just the mention of it conjures up long road trips. I can go back in time to picture me and my sisters drawing lines on the seat. "Don't touch my side." I can hear my sons saying, "Are we there yet?" "I'm hungry!" I'm sure this all sounds familiar to you as well. 

Staff Commitment Leads to Better Service

Posted by admin on Jun 18, 2012 10:47:48 AM

Providing the best service and patient care does not depend entirely on a provider's ability or the amount of resources a practice may have. While new technologies are certainly helping physicians improve care delivery, patient satisfaction can be achieved by simply having a friendly and welcoming staff. By creating an environment where there is a commitment to exceptional service, patients will feel respected and appreciated and this will positively reflect the patient's attitude towards paying you. Employee engagement – and a commitment to the company’s values and goals – starts with your practice’s providers and goes all the way down the line to your front desk staff and healthcare accounts receivable employees.

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