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4 Common Medical Accounts Receivable Problems & How To Fix Them

Are you Managing your Team or Leading It?

The Communication Equation: A Formula for Success

What is Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management?

Ready for something new in 2017?

5 Listening Skills that get you Paid

Minors & Medical Collections: How to get paid

Creating Connection in Collections

How the CFPB’s Proposals Could Wreak Havoc on Your Bottom Line

Making the Agency Decision

4 Common Patient Collection Mistakes to Avoid

Are you wasting time on patient collections?

Motivating Employees: Lessons from History's Greatest Leaders

Are you neglecting your largest source of revenue?

Stop Harassing Me! (What is harassment in collections, really?)

Beware Ransomware: The Latest Threat to Your Data Security

3 Trends Emerging Thanks to the Rising Cost of Care

Effective Immediately: New Credit Bureau Reporting Requirements

How to Communicate with Every Patient Effectively

Does your Practice have a Collections Culture?

The Status Quo is Killing Your Patient Engagement

Insurance 101: Learn How to Help your Patients

ICD-10 Six Months Later: The Good, the Bad & the Future

The Ultimate Checklist for Avoiding Most Insurance Claim Denials

Does your Financial Policy Need a Spring Cleaning?

Implementing a New EMR? Don't Survive...Thrive!

Changes are Coming...and they will affect your practice's recovery

What If People Had a Check Pressure Alert? - by Vicki Hess, RN, MS & CSP

A Complete Guide to Collecting Higher Patient Responsibility

8 Patient Objections you Heard this Year (and How to Overcome Them)

The Final 501(r) Deadline is Here: Are you ready?

Medicare Advantage Plans Causing Reimbursement Headaches? How to Ease the Pain.

5 Healthcare Industry Trends Contributing to the Rise in BPO

Please Hold...Patients Don't Want to Wait for You

New TCPA Ruling Affects Everyone: Is your practice compliant?

Is credit reporting the right choice for your medical practice?

Lighten the Load - by Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional

AR Logix has made the 2015 Inc. 5000 list!

How do you improve patient satisfaction? Make the shift.

Bankruptcy & Patient Collections ebook

The Missing Link in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

What Inner-State Are You Traveling On? - By Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional

How To Make a Successful Patient Collection Call

Communicating with Patients: What are you really saying?

FAQ: Can I Add a Collection Fee to a Delinquent Account?

FICO Updates its Credit Scoring Model...Again

Stressful patient call? Have a SODA!

NY Attorney General overhauls credit reporting agencies

FAQ: When Can I Send a Patient to Collections?

3 Reasons Staff Training Will Benefit Your Practice: A Complete Resource Guide

Co-Pay vs. Candy Crush

New Technology, Better Results

Stop Trying to Collect Money from your Patients

When the Winds of Change Blow Hard - A Look at the Collection Industry in 2015 - By Harry Strausser III

A Proven Solution to Increasing Operating Costs

Problems Solved: 3 Issues Plaguing Healthcare Providers & Their Solutions - #3 Rising Bad Debt

Problems Solved: 3 Issues Plaguing Healthcare Providers & Their Solutions - #2 Growth of Self Pay

Problems Solved: 3 Issues Plaguing Healthcare Providers & Their Solutions - #1 Insurance Claim Denials

What is FICO 9?

3 Keys to Surviving Healthcare Reform: Empowered Staff, Efficient Processes & Consistent Collection Efforts

Creating Extraordinary Vendor Partnerships in the Face of Healthcare Reform - By Elizabeth Richards, Esq.

Better Care, Improved Health & Reduced Costs: Maryland Reacts to the Affordable Care Act

Reasonable or Extraordinary? : Breaking down the new hospital regulations under the Affordable Care Act

3 Reasons Staff Training Will Benefit Your Practice

3 Reasons Why It’s Better to Outsource Your Business Office Locally

Three Insurance Billing Suggestions to Increase Your Practice’s Revenue

Three Common Causes of Claim Denials and How to Avoid Them

What is Medical or Hospital BPO?

Listening Skills Key to Effective Medical Collections

Common Medical Collection Misconceptions

Collecting From Divorced Patients in a Shared Debt State

Healthcare Debt Collection Training: A Benefit to Patient Satisfaction

Front Desk Preparation Facilitates Medical Bill Collections

Tips for Tactful Time of Service Collections

3 Ways You Can Use Technology to Enhance Revenue Cycle Management

Collecting From Self-Pay Patients

Patient Account Scoring and Its Benefit to Your Organization

Staff Commitment Leads to Better Service

3 Common Medical Accounts Receivable Problems and How to Fix Them

Taking Steps to Improve Time-of-Service Collections

How Hospitals Can Improve the Medical Debt Collection Process

Two Online Processes Improving Medical Collection Recoveries

Positive Approach Collectors Work to Revert Negative Image

Skiptracing and Its Value to Accounts Receivables Management

Eliminate Bad Debts with Automated Revenue Cycle Management Tools

Communicating with Patients through SMS Text Messages

3 Ways to Prevent Medical Claims Denials

Online Bill Pay Can Improve Medical Revenue Cycle Management

Three Ways to Increase Patient Payments

8 Keys to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Success

The ICD-10 Delay’s Effect on Medical Bill Collections

Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. Sets New Industry Precedents

Let IVR Systems Work For You

Three Ways HIPAA Has Affected Medical Collections

Keeping It Simple - Payment Made Easy

Expanding Staff Job Skills in Medical Collections Training

Medical Collections in a Time of Financial Hardship

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